The Marriage Bed (1986)





The Marriage Bed影片简介

  Meet Anne Graham (Linda Griffiths), mother of two young children, young, attractive, heavily pregnant � and alone. Things have not worked out at all the way Anne intended.
  Her promising academic career was cut short...展开 by an unexpected pregnancy and an early marriage.
  Her once seemingly stable home life crumbled with her husband's announcement that he was leaving her to move into a commune with his secretary.
  So now she is a housebound single mother, whose intellectual life has shrunk to stolen moments of bedtime reading.
  The solution to her problem is clear to her friends and neighbours.
  She must find someone to mind the children and then go back to school or get a job. It's obvious. Or is it?
  A great supporting cast of Canadian pros like Jan Rubes, R.H. Thomson, Sheila McCarthy, Clare Coulter, Len Carlson and Martha Gibson make this somewhat formulaic melodrama better than it would have been without them.
  Based on a 1981 novel by Constance Beresford-Howe, this obscure bit of Canadiana began life as a made-for-TV movie first broadcast on the CBC in 1986.
  Filmed in Toronto.
  An obscure film with a solid cast - from a forgotten time when the CBC produced feature length films.
  Never released on VHS or DVD.
The Marriage Bed (1986)

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